The Ash Buster is designed 
to economically and efficiently
remove and handle ash residues
after the burnoff process.



The system consists of a Stainless Steel 
Booth lit with halogen lamps, a Water 
tank with Baffles and Weir, Heavy Duty 
Removable Grating, Power Washer with 
Chemical Injector, Roof Exhauster.



Items to be cleaned are placed on the work deck, which can hold up to 800 Lbs per sq inch.  Then 
you spray the items with the Power Washer, to remove most of the ash.
  Use of the specially 
formulated chemical will help in removing the ash more easily, as well as protecting the hooks from 
rust.  It is a tool to help you clean and protect your racks.  As with any other tool it performs only as 
well as the worker operating  it.  Your hooks must be diligently washed down to be acceptably clean.


Inside the tank is a Separator Structure with a baffle system, where the majority of the ash settles. 
Cloudy water is all that goes down the drain. 
Almost all modern coatings leave behind an ash that 
is non-toxic and non-hazardous.  When the tank is full, the grating can be easily removed, the tank 

drained and the ash can be extracted and sent to landfill.  No special permits, no reports....

A Direct drive centrifugal fan, mounted on the enclosures roof,  exhausts water mist out the booth.







 AB-0808  8' wide, 8' deep, 8' high  4' wide, 4' deep
 AB-1010  10' wide, 10' deep, 8' high  6' wide, 6' deep
 AB-1210  12' wide, 10' deep, 8' high  8' wide, 6' deep
 AB-1612  16' wide, 12' deep, 8' high  12' wide, 8' deep